Rural areas in Western Washington are falling increasingly behind prosperous urban areas of our state, economically and socially. In rural areas, working people and limited-income seniors are paying a higher share of their incomes in state taxes. Because it’s tougher to pass school levies, some school districts can’t afford to pay for the school counselors, nurses, health services and other support our children and educators need. Reliable, high-speed internet is essential for business development and education, yet our coverage is spotty and sometimes doesn’t exist. This limits the growth of family-wage jobs, which we need. It doesn’t have to be this way.

A fair tax system, great schools and high-quality broadband are essential building blocks in expanding our local economy and supporting present and future success.

  • As a legislator, I will invest in and prioritize the needs of our communities so our folks have an opportunity for success. This means reducing taxes on working families and seniors with limited incomes, ensuring rural schools have the resources to offer high-quality public education and expanding fast broadband access.