Sandy Kaiser Campaigns for Open 35th LD State House Seat

Longtime higher education, natural resources and U.S. Foreign Service leader pledges common sense and cooperation rooted in local values to help rural communities and families.

OLYMPIA– Sandy Kaiser, a former vice president at The Evergreen State College and communications director at the Department of Natural Resources, seeks the open state House seat in the 35th Legislative District, a mostly rural region covering Mason as well as parts of Kitsap and Thurston counties.

Prior to state service, Kaiser was a career Foreign Service officer, serving our nation overseas to expand American trade and maintain peace and security around the world. She retired with the equivalent rank of a vice admiral.

“I’m a fourth-generation Washingtonian descended from farmers and loggers,” said Kaiser. “I believe our rural communities should have the same opportunities for success and good quality of life as urban and suburban communities throughout Western Washington. That means we need to create better conditions for local business to thrive and grow, support more family-wage jobs, improve our schools, expand rural broadband, and invest in good roads, public health and safety.”

“Sustainable forestry and clean water are important to our way of life,” said Kaiser, who currently serves as vice president of the board of the Capitol Land Trust. “We need to conserve and protect our working forests, farmlands and waterways to ensure our grandchildren can experience our region’s natural heritage.”

Kaiser is running as a Democrat and will use her experience in expanding educational access and building common ground as guideposts for her approach as a legislator.

“I have spent my career bringing people together to seek common ground and create opportunities for success,” said Kaiser. “In a deeply divided political environment, working people and rural communities are being left behind by some who are more interested in scoring points than the real work of creating jobs and protecting natural resources for future generations. I’ll bring real leadership experience and deep commitment to this position, fighting every day for the people and places that define our region.”

Specifically, Kaiser will be an advocate for the services and investments needed to help bring greater economic and educational opportunity to the district.

In addition to supporting additional investments in public safety and transportation, Kaiser is committed to maintaining the rural character of the district– protecting jobs in forest products, shellfish and agriculture which are affected by population growth, competing uses, and a changing climate.

Kaiser, a first-time candidate for public office, is building a strong, local campaign– with plans to knock on doors and meet directly with voters. To date she has secured the endorsements of former state senator Karen Fraser, former Lands Commissioner Peter Goldmark, former 35th District representatives Fred Finn and William Eickmeyer, Olympia School Board member Darcy Huffman, and business leaders and educators throughout the region. She has raised over $23,000.

“The pandemic isolated people from those who are elected to fight for their interests,” said Kaiser. “Now is the time to come back stronger. I’m excited to engage with people in their communities to discuss how we can restore optimism and trust, and focus on the opportunities ahead, not just the challenges of the present.”